Monday, April 30, 2012

CNN Political Pundits: "like telling a Yankee fan you've got to love the Red Sox"

April 27, 2012 Friday

KYRA PHILLIPS: Well, they were at each other's throats, the campaigns of Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum tearing each other's candidate apart but the clash of the camps has apparently found peace. Kind of. Here's the word, Santorum's former campaign manager is now with Romney. The new role, national coalition director. His job, winning over the conservative vote, Tea Party, evangelicals, and all. Today Mike Biondo is fair game.

Democratic strategist Keith Boykin and Republican analyst Boris Epshteyn with me this morning. So, Boris, just a few weeks ago Romney was Biondo's target. Now he's got to get people to vote for him. I mean that's like telling a Yankee fan you've got to love the Red Sox.

No, not quite. That's more like telling a Yankee farm team that you've got to go for the main team now. And this is a great example of how good the Republican Party is at coalescing behind its leader.

BORIS EPSHTEYN, REPUBLICAN ANALYST: When I was on McCain/Palin '08 last time around, we had people from the Giuliani campaign, Thompson campaign, and the Romney campaign all working very well together once McCain was our standard bearer. This is another great example of how good Republicans are uniting and being a great, great party.

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That is good coalescing!