Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Excitement building for Pineda in 2013!

The Yankiverse tonight is celebrating news that the Michael Pineda Era is now a mere 12 months away! By this date in 2013, the young Yankee pitching star could be in his final rehabilitation start before taking the mound for Team Cashman, which hopefully will be reaching that magical goal of cutting budget by another $15 million.

Meanwhile, we can always watch the other trade-obtained pitcher - Dang, I've forgotten his name, but the Yankee minor league prospect blogs say he is A SURE FUTURE YANKEE STAR!! - grow and evolve from his current slot in Low Class A Charleston. He's pitching really well! I mean, he's LIGHTS OUT! Who knows, by this time next year, he could be in Trenton, just a few calls away from The Show!

This was truly one of the great Yankee off-seasons in history. Not only did we get rid of that dead wood of Jesus Montero -- GUY CAN'T CATCH -- and Hector Noesis -- NEVER MAKE IT -- but we managed to sign the cagy veteran Freddy Garcia and get rid of AJ Burnett.

I can't wait for 2013! Only 12 months away!

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joe de pastry said...

a j tossed 7 shutout innings against the world champs in his first start since his self-inflicted facial injury.
it keeps getting worser.