Monday, April 23, 2012


MUSTANG here. My steady girl, BIG BANG, reminded me to point out one last Yankee triumph that came out of Fenway this weekend. It's something you probably overlooked. Which is why the world needs MUSTANG & BIG BANG.

So pay attention and I'll walk you through it.

1) The Red Sox, above, tried to set a world record--biggest toast--and FAILED SPECTACULARLY, like they do at EVERYTHING.

2) The next day, MILLIONS of Yankee fans watching Fox Sports performed the WORLD'S BIGGEST JUJU LOOKAWAY (see below)...

3) ...when Fox left Fenway mid-game to show some guy in the Midwest pitching what the lawyers called a perfect game.

4) While Fox and Yankee fandom were so occupied, KING KONG SWISHER...

...hit his GRAND SLAM!

5) And the rest was JUJU HISTORY!

Tonight the Yankees bring their winning ways to Alamo Rent-A-Car Field in Dallas, TX. We'll be here after the game to tell you all about the records they set.

This has been MUSTANG. Stay real!


Joe De Pastry said...

Mustang and Big Bang?
Sounds like the stars of a porno film.

MUSTANG said...

You are not the first to make that mistake.

Niel Anblowme said...

mustang's a sally