Saturday, April 21, 2012

New York is in a position to complete the Tri-Fecta of Boston slapdowns

Holy crap! This could be our Holy Trinity of Humiliation. Consider:

1. The final game of the 2011 season, when we surgically let Tampa into the playoffs, ditching the finger-lickin'-chicken-lickers, and inscribing Scott Proctor's final pitches into Yankee-Redsock lore.

2. The 2012 Super Bowl, when Jason Pierre-Paul and Eli Manning did the impossible: Drive a wedge between Tom Brady and his trenchmouthed wife.

3. This weekend? A sweep to celebrate Fenway's centennial? (Or the Titanic?) Only drawback thus far? We couldn't trot out Johnny Damon in a Highlander jersey.

"Before the game was spectacular. It was a well-orchestrated, major-league presentation of pride and glory. It’s a downer now.”
- Bobby V, for Victory -      


Bye Bye Balboni said...

You forgot one thing. Freddy Garcia's pitching game 2.

Two out of three, anyone?

Bye Bye Balboni said...

OK, the Redsocks' spirit is completely and utterly sapped. Bobby V. is staring at the wall, drooling slightly and talking to himself in Japanese for hours at a time. The pitching staff is craving chicken and beer in the worst way.

But just remember the hurting these very same Redsocks put on these selfsame Yankees during the first half of 2009, when they won 8 straight against us. Need I remind you who won the World Series that year?

Remember 2011, when the Socks beat the Yanks handily in head-to-head play but staged their legendary end-of-season chokefest and missed the playoffs, while a certain pinstriped crew waltzed to a comfortable first place finish in the notoriously tough AL East.

Putting a beatdown on the Redsocks in April -- during the centennial celebrations for the beloved Fenway bandbox, no less -- is a hoot, a blast, a real gasser, as you kids today put it. But it doesn't mean a damn thing. Keep your powder dry, fans. There's still a whole lot of baseball to go.