Friday, April 13, 2012

Redsock Nation growing surly

"This team has gone from unlikable to hateable.”
-- Andy Gresh, Sports Hub, 98.5 FM in Boston --

Ahh, division within the ranks.

But don't expect it to last. Once Boston wins a game in the ninth, beating Cleveland or some equivalent, the crowd will sing with Neil, and the place will be as unified as a GOP convention. 

For Boston to truly alienate its fan base, this must happen.

Bobby V does Ozzie. He says Brad Park was better than Bobby Orr.

Youkilis defends Papelbon.

John Lackey appears in public.

Josh Beckett signs to do commericals for KFC.

Big Papi accidentally eats Pedroia.


bennyboy said...

Mayor Cory Booker is Batman:

A close read of Mayor Booker's heroic rescue reveals that he was in turn rescued by none other than...DETECTIVE ALEX RODRIGUEZ.

A-Rod just hit an A-bomb into monument park. He rescued the Mayor of Newark. Looks like Hank was right: $300 million was a steal, after all.

Flavius said...

Bennyboy and I would like to know why Alex Rodriguez is out solving crimes when he should be batting over .200.

Also, come to Jesus? Jesus is gone. It should be "come to Pineda" now.

Flavius said...

When do you think A-rod will break Barry Bonds' hallowed record? :)

bennyboy said...

Next up for Detective Alex Rodriguez? Discovering who stole Mark Teixeira's talent.

bennyboy said...

Detective A-Rod will break Barry Bond's record when Bud Selig gets desperate for more scoring and lets the players cheat again.

Flavius said...

The Tales of DETECTIVE ALEX RODRIGUEZ! Volume 1, Issue 4. "Where has all of George's Money Gone?" And introducing a new villan! The CASH-MAN!