Friday, May 18, 2012

10 Questions on the minds of Yankee fans

1.   When do the NY Giants report for preseason?

2.   What’s all this about NBC moving “Community” to Friday night?

3.   Kim and Kanye: How long will it last?

5.   Are suicide notes supposed to have anecdotal leads?

6.   Did the Mayans happen to be Yankee fans?

7.   How can I get me some of that flesh-eating bacteria?

8.   How does Miley Cyrus stay (snort) so thin?

9.   WHO! Who wrote the book of love?

10.  Think we can beat those Redsocks?

1 comment:

Joe De Pastry said...

Has anybody here seen my old friend George the Boss? Can you tell me where he's gone? He spent a lot of money, sometimes not too wisely. But at least he tried to win.