Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Here's to our Yankee outposts, the farthest planets of the empire driven by Jeep

They carry The Word. They bring The Master's thoughts to the bootless and unhorsed heathens in far-flung corners of the globe - like Massachusetts.

Hell, any two-bit, Saturday night-bingo AM station can  broadcast Little Debbie/Yankee games in the rustbucket Northeast, where literate, game-worthy fans appreciate the distinctions between Jim and Shane Spencer. But these missionaries operate in the farthest points of the Empire, the forts in enemy country, the edge outposts where outfielders are cheap, and no fan can be trusted when a trade turns bad.

If we can hold these FOBs, we can raise more money for players, or for the owners' second homes. If we can keep these netherlands flying the NY flag, there is hope.

We salute you, o valiant Yankeenauts of the outer realm. You are the pioneer planters of pinstripe seed.

Be safe. And secure.

And keep your families safe and secure.

The list:

KBAD in Las Vegas.

KIVA in Albuequerque.

WHBO in Easton, PA.

WBRK in Pittsfield, MA.

WWBA in Tampa.

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