Tuesday, May 15, 2012

John & Suzyn Ranked Dead Last By Ignorant Mob

Shame on the lip-moving "readers" of something called "Fan Graphs Dot Com," who placed the Voice of the Yankees and his Yankee Comañera dead last in an unscientific "poll" ranking radio booths first to worst. We'll let the character assassins tell it themselves:
At the beginning of March, we released the results of our television broadcaster rankings — itself the product of reader crowdsourcing
"Mobsourcing" is more like it.

that had started in late November. Since then, FanGraphs has asked readers to rate the radio broadcast teams (on a scale of 1-5 for charisma, analysis, and then overall) for all 30 major-league clubs — with the intention, ultimately, of determining which broadcasts might best reflect the sorts of inquiry and analysis performed here at the site.
Don't bother. We have the answer. From the look of things, the news broadcasts in North Korea "best reflect the sorts of inquiry and analysis performed" at "Fan Graphs Dot Com."

[Thanks for the heads up, commenter rjm73.]

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