Sunday, May 20, 2012

OK, we were kidding before, but NOW we're going to start winning

The Yankees originally planned to crank it up on the exact date - May 19 - when we turned it around last year, but - well, NOW we're REALLY mad. We're going to stop fooling around. Starting NOW.


MUSTANG said...

The Royals are rolling in. Hide the pine tar!

Alphonso said...

Tex should go vegan. It might cure his TB.

But until he bunts or hits to left field, the shift stays in his head and gives him mental hernia.

Hey 'stang, come down to south Mexico and drink some tequila with me. I'll teach you football. We can watch a game and call it like it is Yanks vs. angels.

We'll never see the Yanks again beyond playoff round one anyway, so what's to lose?

There is more than one way to waste our lives.

MUSTANG said...

Fonz, get on your burro and head north. The AAA Yankees have a homestand here next month.