Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reasons why Josh Beckett played golf a day after being scratched from a start

1. Why, pshaw, it was just a jolly-good day for 18 holes.

2. Nothing heals a hammy like fresh air.

3. Now, a game of tennis, that would be absurd.

4. Maybe he would chance upon old Tito on the 19th.

5. Goodness, a chap shouldn't waste valuable tee-time.

6. Wanted to see what Skipper V would say.

7. Beats sitting around clubhouse, tippling.

8. Needed intense workout to stay in top shape.

9. Sought practice for skins match against Lackey.

10. Doesn't Mitt Romney play golf?

1 comment:

MUSTANG said...

11. Assured by Sluggo that the truant officer isn't around.