Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yankeetorial: I can relate to the sleeping jurors in the Roger Clemens trial

The judge in the Rocket Clemens artificial juju trial yesterday dismissed a second juror because the freaking geezer was snoring like a smokeless ashtray during testimony. Must be tough: Sitting in judgment on a hall of famer - reporters everywhere, cameras outside, a packed court - and the bozo swirls off into the land of Nod? Where do they get ‘em? Eagles concerts?

But frankly - I can relate. Yankee bats are putting me to sleep. Right now, after Jeet and Grandway, it's a straight downhill ski slope to Jayson Nix, who last night wasn’t even batting ninth. We can marvel about the manhood of the pitchers who dominate us, but it might just be that the Arod and Tex we are seeing are, in fact, permanent presences in our dank order. One may be done, and the other can’t adjust to a shift. Alex has become Aurelio, and Tex has become Tony Clark.

Next up, Toronto – the other Baltimore. Yes, it’s early, and – true, we don’t claim to be scouts, but all those out there who say the O’s and BJs will crumble simply because they always do have no more analysis than a rally monkey. The trial has begun, folks, and if you think this is heading toward a happy outcome, you might be asleep and dreaming.


Alphonso said...

I had to tap into a tele-line to post this comment;

I also discovered that I cannot, from a foreign country such as this, actually post content.

The Yankee line-up is not scary;

Jesus is twice the threat that A-Rod is now, and I earlier told you that Tex can't bunt (or run) and won't go to the opposite field ( he thinks it is gay to do so).

Derek can't hit .400 forever, and with people like Nix or Dix or whatever in the batting order, I just want to yawn.

JohnF said...