Monday, May 14, 2012

Shocker: Jeter's sister stuns Siena crowd by urging grads to "give back;' meanwhile, Jeet himself is "giving back" to Kevin Millwood

While his sister was hurling verbal boiled chestnuts at the Class of 2012 at Siena College, Derek Jeter was hitting into a bases-loaded double-play, allowing the Seattle Mariners to win a game at Yankee Stadium.

What kind of message is that?

According to the Daily Gazette (yes, they still call newspapers things like that) of Schenectady (at least in Schenectady, they do) the biggest name at Sunday's Siena showdown was the Yankee cap'n, who received an honorary doctor of humane letters degree, which is sort of like having your number retired, except that nobody cares. 

Jeet couldn't attend the shindig because he was busy grounding into a doubleplay with the bases loaded, performing the humanitarian act of allowing Kevin Millwood to last one more month in the majors.

His sister, Sharlee Jeter accepted the degree for him and "offered a challenge to the new graduates:"

"Work hard to fulfill your dreams and most importantly I challenge you to give back to your communities and to always act as role models because someone will always be watching you out there in the world."

Badaboom. Next came a video on Jeter's career and humanitarian work, followed by a videotaped message from the cap'n.

"I'm proud to be recognized as a son of Siena, which is such an amazing institution that promotes the values that are most important to me.

There you have it. By mid-afternoon, the game was over. Next year, maybe they'll give a bachelors to Mark Teixeira. He might need it in his next career.

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JM said...

When I was a kid growing up in Schenectady, it was the Schenectady Gazette before some lunkhead marketing schmuckos lost the city name to better appeal to people living outside its boundaries.

They screwed up the name, but you won't find more typos and blander 7th grade writing in any other daily newspaper (with a couple of notable exceptions). But how can you not love the moronic, knee-jerk, reactionary letters to the editor from the legion of Fox 'News' viewers who live up there? They write even worse.

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