Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hello From TSMDFL !!

The bus from New York dropped me off in Juarez where, about four margueritas later, I boarded a Mexican Cruiseliner for the southern district of Mexico.

16 hours of non-stop travel brought me to my second home, "Rosie's Cantina," a stone's throw from 3rd base on the SMDFL ( South Mexico Dirt Field League ) practice field.

The NY Yankees are a distant memory, although Rosie says, " they get hot once you out..."

I had to leave America because my career-developed skills at Negative Ju-Ju were failing, and showed no signs of returning.  I felt like a combination of Michael Pineda and Dellin Bettances.  My arm was limp and I coudn't find the plate.

So I will stay here with the SSMDFL team until I see signs of returning skills in my own playmaking.

A short-term "bellweather" will be the initial reports on how ANDY
  does on Sunday.

Meanwhile, it is in the 90's here and there is no sign of rain.

The bean fields are ripening, and we have enough lime each day for marking home to first and home to third.

 The outfield foul line markers are pretty much left to the imagination.

I am relaxed but empty.

Cervesa and tacos will cure that.


Sal Minella said...

enjoy the weather. you'll be there a long time

Bye Bye Balboni said...

I don't mean to be the resident proofreader or anything, but they're spelled "margarita" and "cerveza." I just don't want you getting in trouble with the more literate folk down there.

Alphonso said...

Thanks, Mr. Balboni

As an overweight, supremely depressed alcoholic, I do not spell well.

Especially with spanish words.