Thursday, May 10, 2012

John's Takeaway Points from Last Night

David Robertson was always going to have a night like this. You can't get down on David Robertson. We knew this would happen. Nobody throws scoreless innings forever. We had been saying this for weeks. David Robertson was going to have a night like this. The Yankees just have to pick themselves up and play hard tonight. Because CC Sabathia will be pitching. And one thing that separates baseball from other sports is the difference between starting pitchers. In football, the same two teams go out there and play the next game. But in baseball, the teams have different starting pitchers. So tonight, the Yankees will have their ace on the mound, and it will be an entirely different game. But it's a game the Yankees need to win. And they have to still feel good about the way David Robertson has pitched. He was always going to have a night like this. And everyone will hear a lot more about this on Suzyn's Clubhouse Report.


MUSTANG said...

John warned us this would happen. He told us so.

Joe De Pastry said...

Robertson throws too many pitches to get saves on consecutive nights.
They need to get a multi-inning guy [Phelps?] into the bullpen to serve as a bridge so Soriano can pitch the 9th when Robertson worked the night before.
Too bad we traded Noesi; he'd be the right guy to help in the pen now if we still had him.