Thursday, May 17, 2012

Throughout the entire hell-spawned disco era, there was only ONE decent song, and its singer has passed away

I freaking hated disco. Hated it, hated it, hated it - every stinking Bee Gee/Travolta-puss-infected moment. It was the worst, stupidest, most politically and morally spineless musical period in our nation's history. For merely hatching it, America deserved to be blown up. That's how much I hated disco. Actually, no - I hated disco more than words can convey.I hated what it did to us - its effect on manhood, womanhood, romance, rock'n'roll, the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, capitalism and shoes. I freaking hated disco shoes.

But there was one disco song - just one that I liked. It conveyed a universal story: You're in a bar, the bouncers are circling, and you have one last crack at giving the night a chance to save your soul. In my world, they played Stairway or Freebird. But during disco, they played her.

So I'm saying what I never thought I'd say:

Rest in Peace, Disco Queen.

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