Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yankeetorial: Without Jesus, we are the New York Zombies

Many years ago, while I lived in Indianapolis, some bastard burglarized my apartment. Beyond the initial trauma, the worst part was the drip-by-drip realizations that came for months afterward, whenever I realized something new that the asshole took. 

That’s how I feel whenever Jesus Montero hits another home run. He did the other night. He has 7 now. That roughly projects to about 25 this season. He's hitting about .280 and catching games. And I suspect he’s going to get better, not worse.

Burglarized. That's how I feel. When that deal exploded, it stole the heart from this team. We have been zombies ever since.

How can anyone put juju into a team of decomposing corpses?

We can’t. Last night, nobody came to the game, nobody fired juju into the void, and nobody played on the field. Nobody cried when the Yankees stranded runners. It’s par for the course. And there is nobody out there who’ll save this team – no rising star, no young talent soon to change the dynamics.

We’ve lost series after series to teams full of rising players, while we showed none, not one. And I fear we are going to be realizing this – drip, drip, drip - for the next four months.  


Alphonso said...

As I lamented at the time, that trade was the end of the season.

more likely, the end of the decade. Cash man will now be forced to trade any remaining prospects for old, fading stars who cannot deliver

Don't we already have enough of them?

Never enough for a panicked GM.

It is over.

Anonymous said...

Cash man has been flim flam for many years. I just had a Horace Clarke flash back.

bennyboy said...

Come on guys. We have Raul Ibanez. He's the Jamie Moyer of hitters. He just needs to improve his glove, like Montero.