Tuesday, July 11, 2017

An interactive way to spend the next few Yankee-less days

Does a mountain ever jog?

(Hap Tit to Buhner's Ghost)


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Anonymous said...

Remember Ben Gamel? 2015 International League ROY & 2016 International League MVP as a member of the Scranton/Wilkes Barre RailRiders? Traded by Brian Cashman for two 19 year old pitchers you can't name? Remember Ben's hair? Cool before Frazier's. Ben's hitting .335 in 2017 and leading the American League at the all star break. You remember him. He's a Mariner and should be above Cano but below Griffey.

Mustang said...

Edgar, Neihaus, Griffey, Felix

Leinstery said...

Judge, Montgomery, and Gamel have the three best WAR's for rookies in the AL. It's absolutely earth shattering that the Yankees farm system, once a desert for talent, produced that. What if the Yankees manage to make the farm into what the St. Louis Browns used to be? I'm as excited as John when Suzyn wears her sexy Fourth of July getup.

KD said...

This would never work for the Yankees. We'd need an entire mountain range to have room for all our worthy players. But if I had to choose: Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle. Sorry Jeet.

KD said...

A friend of mine would swap out Gehrig for Jeter. Until they make a movie of Derek's life, I'll stick with Gehrig.

KD said...

no comments? ugh. you guys are no fun.

Duque would put Pavano up there, just not his face.

el duque said...

Yankee Royal Flush: Babe, Lou, Joe, Mickey, Jeet.

Yankee Rushmore: Babe, Joe, Lou, Mickey.

Yankee Holy Trinity: Babe, Joe, Mickey.

Yankee Adam & Eve: Joe and Marilyn.

Yankee All-Knowing Supreme Deity: Yogi

Yankee Traveler from Future: Judge.

KD said...

Yes, Judge has come to us from the future, when genetic manipulations advance flawed men to God-like perfections.