Monday, July 31, 2017

Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls..... tolls for Yankee fans.

Today, we learn that Cashman deceived us.

He teased us with a fake strategy.

He acted as though the talent we finally amassed in our farm system ( largely through trades last summer ) mattered.  That we would re-build ( like every other successful franchise ) with youth.  We would take our lumps in 2017, but this would pay off big time for the future.

He got lucky on Judge, and maybe Frazier.  We began to believe.

But, as it happens, to Cashman everyone else is just meat for the grinder.  Dog food to attract mid-level talent that will get us nowhere.

Isn't Todd Frazier still hitting about .209?

Has anyone outside of Edina,  Minnesota, even heard of the pitcher we just acquired?    Who can name him without looking up the deal somewhere?

Cashman is now employing the exact same strategy he has always used.  The team hasn't been relevant for 10 years but, today, we roll the dice on getting enough mid-level talent to nudge this train into the one game playoff station.

Who cares?

Cashman lured us into believing he had learned something after 10 years of beating his head against the same wall.

He has learned exactly zero.  And we shall pay the price today.

Next season, Mason Williams will be our top trade prospect, and our " farm system" will be ranked at the far end of the top 30.

You can't trust a toad.

Nothing has changed.  Start the lies.

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