Monday, July 10, 2017

The existential and unanswerable question about the Major League's Home Run Derby

Why do I not give a shit about it?


DNC stooge said...


joe de pastry said...

Because it's stupid.
They promote the hell out of it, and the All-Star Game, to try to boost ratings and get more $$$ in rights fees from tv.
We are supposed to be dumb enough to believe that if they talk about it a lot it must be important.
It's like my general rule for selecting movies to see: the more tv ads, the less likely I am to buy a ticket.

JJ in MA said...

Judge looked like he was having fun, and that's nice. More importantly, it doesn't seem like his arms fell off immediately afterward. I'd rather see him get four days' rest over the All-Star break, but at least he was having a good time.

Correct though -- the HR Derby is utterly void of meaning or purpose. It's like dog racing with humans and it ruins power swings. Very much hoping that doesn't happen with Judge or Sanchez.

ranger_lp said...

Judge and Sanchez would have hit more if Tanaka and Pineda were pitching...

JJ in MA said...


(Also probably true...)

John M said...

Oooooh, that's good.

It was fun to watch Judge and Sanchez. Just fun. Stupid, mindless, silly, pointless and fun. The kid is just phenomenal.

JJ, I don't dispute its complete lack of rational value, but whose power swing did it destroy exactly? Tino? McGwire? Stanton?Tex? Giambi? My memory isn't what it used to be, I know there was one guy, maybe two...and about a hundred others it had no effect on whatsoever. I worry about injury, and if Sanchez should be fooling around with his oblique or whatever it is, but otherwise it's a bunch of young guys taking extended BP and having a blast. If they like it and a lot of people like watching it, what the hey.

But if you live in MA and read a Yankees blog, you give me hope for mankind.

I think it's stupid most years and don't watch, but it was fun last night. Judge is amazing. Now if only he could hit like that in the 9th inning when we need it instead of striking out. The one knock against him.