Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How about the boost from those proven Chisox veterans!

Todd Frazier didn't even bother to shave. Was Ms. Manners, Jennifer Dolan Steinbrenner, even watching from her pink brocade toilet seat? How does this happen, an unshaven man shows up and plays for the Yankees? Where is Jennifer? She should throw a Daddy dearest shit-fit. Me? I don't care. But Todd is now down to .205. Kahnle is wearing Chris Carter's old number 46, but it's Todd who has taken over the job of striking out twice a game. Could somebody please splain to me why we got this guy? So Head Casely can play first? Save us.


Anonymous said...

you can't spell refsnyder without DFA.

Anonymous said...

Poor Ref. Will he clear waivers? Scranton fans hope not.