Friday, July 14, 2017

"[T]he history of great rookie seasons... shows how strong the pull of regression can be: The average player... ended up producing only two-thirds as many WAR in the second half of his rookie campaign as he did in the first. For every Trout, who started strong (despite a delayed call-up) and then decimated the league down the stretch, there were more cases like Devon White, Joc Pederson and even Sabo, all of whom struggled to recapture the magic of their first-half performances."

Is Aaron Judge the next Babe... or Jeremy Lin?

FiveThirtyEight - the geniuses who missed the last election - crunch the numbers.


Leinstery said...

What the fuck was that? Fuck Chapman. Go back on the DL or hop on a raft back to Cuba you stupid cunt. He didn't even get one out. And Torreyes, Jesus Christ almighty. Come back Starlin.

Tom said...


Anonymous said...


Urban Farmer formerly known as DutchFan said...

I suppose this is the condensed version of the Yankees season after May. How to lose a game for all levels.


Anonymous said...

Will someone please remind me why I waited a week for THIS?? I was just getting used to a lower level of pain, and, zap!! More pineapples.

Warning: Whatever you do, don't go near El Chapo's garage, for the forseeable future.

Urban, hell of a time for you to go all existential on us: I say "Screw Camus", and "back to the Heinekin", and I miss "het meisje" already.

Please could we prevail upon the druggies to make a new Viberzi commercial, starring my baby, the IBS Lady??

Anything but more baseball.

LB (No J)