Friday, July 14, 2017

Pineda needs Tommy John surgery

Kiss him goodbye. 



For the last time: Jesus Montero: 7 for 49 - .143 - at Triple A.


KD said...

I guess we're selling now. Tanaka should be traded now, before the elbow explodes.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

OK. Shed Tanaka, and also put CC Sabathia in the bullpen, and the rotation is

-- Montgomery - Sevvy - BMitch - Cessa - Chance Adams.

I'm not sure why I should hate this......the oldest is BMitch at 26, three of them are 23-24, Cessa is 25

Shed Clippard (you just about have to, doncha?) and the bullpen is --

-- Heller - Holder - Shreve - Warren - CC Sabathia - Green - Dellin - Chappy

Yes, CC is, I guess, the long man! Asking him to give you a good 3 to 4 innings once or twice a week (9 innings every fortnight?) seems perfect for what he's got left.

NOTE: Every one of the relievers is BENEATH age 30, except for Warren (exactly 30) and CC (37). This is CC's final year, I think.

Add to that -- Domingo German, Gio Gonzalez, and Dietrich Ennis on the shuttle.

Are you certain this isn't BETTER than what is there now?

All that must be done is to send some money to a contender along with Tanaka, and send Clippard to AAA (or DFA him). No trade (except for shedding Tanaka) is required to get to this.

YES, BMitch might suck and blow. Yes, Chance Adams might get battered a few times.

So what? If it works out better than that, the 2nd half might be interesting. And if it doesn't, you've got a head start -- and valuable information for management, or at least irreplaceable experience for the youngsters -- going into 2018.

ranger_lp said...

"In addition, first baseman Greg Bird, who has missed most of the season with a bruised bone in his ankle, may need surgery for a condition called os trigonum, which is excess bone growth in his foot.

The ankle injury may be causing inflammation in his foot that Cashman said could likely lead to surgery, though Bird still needs to see another doctor before the team, Bird and his agents discuss options.

If Bird has surgery, he would be out at least another two months. He missed all of last year after shoulder surgery."

The remaining Yankee games this season will be sponsored by The Hospital for Special Surgery.

Anonymous said...

So he got us again. Now we can't even trade him. At least we never have to watch him pitch for us again. So there's that.

13bit said...

If we all remember that we don't have to worry about contending this year, just rebuilding for next year, everything will work out. We do not have to somebody fill a spot in order to win. We need to think strategically.

Leinstery said...

Sell Tanaka and start stretching Green out. Bring up Adams and pray that Kaprelian has been drinking from the Nanteos Cup.

joe de pastry said...

Yes, trade Tanaka, and also Sabathia, Headley, Gardner, Clippard, and Holliday for younger players. Trade Ellsbury for additional netting to protect fans from flying balls and bats.
Playoff hopes for this season were dead even before the news that Pinata's elbow is screwed up as badly as his head.

Nickname Damur said...

Jesus, can we get anybody out?

Tom said...

what a wonderful night in boston? i think i'll go shoot myself. this is bigger than a pineapple. and it hurts.