Friday, July 7, 2017

Drunk Blog Continued... who do we ;play today?


Bud Selig.

It is time for revenge.

My head hurts. Sorry. Long night. Labatt's Blue. High bulk feed.

It is time for revenge.

Bud Selig, we're coming for you.



JJ in MA said...

I'll be at the game this evening. Section 420B, way up top behind home plate, which as far as I'm concerned is the only way to roll.

Gonna get a beach towel, a Premio sausage and hope they don't implode and beyond that, my expectations are pretty minimal.

John M said...

I hope the rain stops before game time. Pouring like the official vodka of the New York Yankees right now.

My mom sent me an article on the troubles of Betances. It's all, of course, "mechanics," and it looks an awful lot like his less-than-promising beginnings in the majors. One line buried down in the story said Joe Girardi thinks the only way to solve the issues is to pitch Betances. Perhaps in less crucial situations.

My God, is Girardi terrible. It took him this long to figure that out? How many losses did we rack up in the meantime?

I think Dellin could work out his "issues" in Scranton. When he's ready, he can come back.

All Star my ass. Not this year.

KD said...

ever have a mixed drink at YSIII? their vodka pours are not all that generous. Believe me!

Nickname Damur said...

Clippard. Two walks, an intentional walk. Then a grand slam. God, the pen sucks out loud.