Friday, July 28, 2017

In the spirit of......

Swamp Shot Goes Over El Duque's Head

....diverting our attention from the likelihood of a lightening strike on the Yankees roster of young talent, I offer you this toady tidbit of the arcane.

Not many bloggers at IIFIIHIIC focus on Finland, I imagine.  Most of us are acquainted with
from 0-10 Finns at most.

The Finns are peculiar people, in some ways, possibly due to the geography they occupy.  At first glance, they appear stiff and serious, but you will find they possess a great sense of humor.  They would laugh for days, for example, over the talking-head, possible trade scenarios which are currently making me mentally ill.

As an outlet for their particular brand of fun, they organize and compete in some unusual events.  The focus today is on, " Swamp Soccer."  America has beer softball leagues, they have this. Not too much needs to be added to the photo above, though I can confirm that Messi never played the swamp game during his adolescence.

I wonder if the type of cleats you wear makes all the difference?  Hard to believe that El Duque was once blond, isn't it?

Tomorrow, I may focus on either speed lingonberry picking or mobile phone tossing.


joe de pastry said...

Trade for Verlander.
That would bring Kate Upton to YSIII.
Maybe she could give Meredith some advice about how they could have more than two things in common.
Yes, I am a dirty old man.

Alphonso said...

Hey Joe,

Is there any other kind?

Rufus T. Firefly said...

I demand more Dutch field hockey news!

KD said...

Hope you're watching this one. Wow

Leinstery said...

"So Tanaka is pitching a perfect game..." very next pitch is a hit. John is the biggest jinx to walk the earth. The moment he said it my stomach sank, I've been listening to John for too long.

Anonymous said...