Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Finally, Joggy Cano earns a jog

Ballgame over, the AL wins... THUUUUUUUUUUUH AL WINS.

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JM said...

So ex-Yankee Cano--who we got rid of because he wanted an extra year on his contract, and then signed Ellsbury to one of the worst deals in Yankee history (not as bad as A-Rod, but...)--hits the game-winning HR. And Andrew Miller--who we traded last year while we kept Betances even though it was clear that Miller was the more stable person and pitcher--got the save.

That 10th inning was a painful reminder of how brilliant our organization is. Especially when combined with Betances walking two guys, throwing half his pitches for the inning for balls. Yeah, he struck out two guys, and he did look good in his last regular season outing. I hope that's what continues this weekend, and not what he did in the AS game. Obviously, his demons are not yet quelled.

Cleveland is laughing their asses off this morning.