Friday, July 7, 2017

Bird Is the Word?

In the comments section, KD pointed out that "Meanwhile, [an] anonymous Yankees front office loser attacks Bird for his injury."

I took the time to read that Daily News article and all I can say is "Wow."  This comment struck me in particular:

“You really have to wonder what’s with this guy,” a Yankee insider complained to me earlier this week. “You’d think with Judge and Sanchez, the guys he came up through the system with, doing so well up here he’d want to be a part of this.  Apparently not.”
I gotta ask, whoTF is this "Yankee insider"? Jeez, whoever it is is making it sound like Bird is the new Bronx Buttock (a.k.a,. Carl Pavano).

It hadn't even occurred to me that Bird might have a choice about whether he plays or not. I thought he was injured and, if he was guilty of anything, I thought he was guilty of not telling people he was injured.

Whoever this "Yankee insider" is either knows things we don't or he's a horse's ass trouble maker.  I've been mulling it over, but I can't decide whether it's Randy Levine or Lonn Trost.  Maybe it was both.

I also think that the columnist, Bill Madden, is being a little bit lazy here. A comment like that from the "insider", thrown out there like flaming bag of poop, demands a follow-up. Do other Yankee players think Bird is malingering? Many years ago, a reporter noted that Derek Jeter rolled his eyes when told that Pavano was injured again. It told us all we needed to know about Carl Pavano.

Get your pad and pencil, Madden, and get in there. Bird's peers' opinions would tell us all we need to know about Bird. Go get them. Please.


Leinstery said...

Randy Levine at it again. 1 month ago I would be livid at the dark lord, but I'm so fed up with this team that I'm going to side with him. I spit in the faces of the juju gods that have forsaken us.

Anonymous said...

At the beginning of the year I pretty much assumed a 500 team try to get the kids ready for next year then we went on the role and expectations got to be lofty. I still think my initial suspicion was correct I think will finish the year around 500

Anonymous said...


Leinstery said...

Joe and the bullpen minus Green and Warren need to be given Soviet style show trials and publicly executed.

Alphonso said...

He is not malingering. That is idiotic to imply.

Allen Brady said...

Greg Bird = Nick Johnson.

Both fragile as a chinese cookie

HoraceClarke66 said...

Back in 1965-66, anonymous Yankees front office sources assured us all that Roger Maris was jaking it with his "phantom" hand troubles. Then one more x-ray determined that Maris had been playing with a broken hand for months.


Maris, now consumed with hatred for the Yankees, was traded to St. Louis for Charlie Smith, maybe the worst single ballplayer ever to wear the pinstripes.

Bird needs better doctors.