Friday, July 7, 2017

If We Win Today......

It will be largely due to a great pitching job by our new ace, Jordan Montgomery.

Aaron Judge will hit another home run.

Frazier will only strike out twice.

Wade will ride the bench.

Romine will be catching.

Betances will not be used in relief.

Tyler Clippard will not be used in relief.

And here is the essential thing:  please do not allow any Yankee announcer, player or observer to say:

".....  it is always great to win the opening game, because then you have a real chance to win the series.  And winning series is what we have to do."

This phrase has caused us not to win a series since early June.

Anyone starts to say it...throw something hard and heavy at your TV.  Or throw your radio over the bridge into the river below.

Just do not let it be said, uttered or thought.

Many thanks.


Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...


I love this blog. I admire Alphie and The Duke. Whenever I disagree with something you've written, I go away, come back and re-read it -- and usually agree. I have deleted any number of dissent-filled posts, over the months.

Common sense is something potent! Congrats.

But, but, but, BUTT:

We, the NYYs, have played like doo-doo for a month, almost, and we're still only 2 games behind the super-evil, father-raping, dog-abusing, child-eating people from Beanertown.

In the loss column.

I would have preferred a runaway, which WAS possible. But didja expect a runaway along about April 10th? When you looked at the pitching rotation, did you expect Monty? Did you think Tanaka would go away (and then come back)....?

No, you didn't. Neither did any rational person. While I have lots of criticism for JoeyBinders, you have to admit -- the guy is in the middle of a whirlwind, WITHOUT any help from the media. I wondered when he cried over Fowler's injury, whether the tears were for Fowler.

I've been to a lot of Sicilian funerals and, from what I've seen, when people cry, they cry for themselves. Those who don't give a bleep about the dead nonna or guy don't shed a freaking tear!!!


There is still time to catch and pass those evil, dog-raping, child-abusing, father-killing baked bean gobblers. Plenty of time.

While all of it worries me -- the Sanchez article, Dellin's struggles, whatever the heck Greg Bird and (separately) Matt Holiday have, the kid running into the wall, CCS looking like unholy Hell, and of course Pinheada --

....there is still a chance. Isn't that amazing, and worth thinking about, as the A-S Break ensues?

Local Bargain Jerk said...


Great set of comments. Also: "Pinheada" is a keeper.

Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

4:55 a.m. Why the fuck am I still watching this joke of a “game?” What sane person would have left Clippard in after allowing two walks followed by an intentional one? Your country seems to be run by fools and idiots from sports to government. I will continue to bitch and moan about Delicate Betances and Michael Pinhead, but I should know by now that I should just turn off the computer when Clippard (ERA 16.20) is summoned.

How do we cleanse the bullpen? It seems to be a nice idea about as realistic as “draining the swamp” in Washington, D.C.

And meanwhile, between walks, as Clippard diddled with himself endlessly between his tosses, my former favorite Yankee, Trump Supporter Paul O’Neill, expressed his amazement over Michael Kay’s genus discovery that there is an arrow “hidden” in the FedEx logo pained on an outfield wall. Does entertainment get any better?

OK – computer off, and a Rita Hayworth DVD on the big screen. And since I started writing this, another run in, so 9-4 Milwaukee.


Oh - and LBJ: I believe I was the first to use "Pinhead" a couple of days ago.