Wednesday, July 26, 2017

"He is the Toddfather! In Todd we trust!"

As Mustang points out, it's wonderful that The Master today invoked God for his new Todd Frazier home run call. He suggests, "Todd damn it all to hell! Todd is dead!"

This is the greatest thing that ever happened. We have discovered the Todd Particle. Some other possibilities...

"Get me out of this Toddforsaken town."

"Todd bless the U.S.A.!"

"Todd forbid something bad should happen..."

"He did it, so help me Todd."

"Todd is good!"

"He is a vain and jealous Todd!"

"What was the pitch? Todd only knows!"

"Todd loves each of us, for we are all Todd's children!"

"Todd rest ye merry gentlemen!"

"Todd save the Queen!"

"It's Toddzilla!"

"Take your stinking paws off me, you Toddamned dirty ape."


Leinstery said...

Toddlahu Akbar

Just kidding, that'd be terrifying.

HoraceClarke66 said...

"He served a dark and a vengeful Todd!"
(From, yes, "Sweeney Todd.")

13bit said...

It's the Todddddddddfather!

For Todd and Country!

Todd Bless You!!!

Hotrod Todd smashes another one of the yard!


Okay, it's clear I need to sleep.
By the way, my friend, Tom, and I are both going to be at the stadium on the 11th, for the Sox. We got the Prince Hal seats, the ones where you actually don't get a seat. Yes, this is a real thing, but they only cost us 15 bucks, so we'll be mobile. We are both big IIHIIF fanatics. Anybody else possibly going to be there that night? If not, can we arrange some other get-together? The tribe must connect, and I'm not talking Cleveland here...

Wezil1 said...

Did I hear it right, but did the Toddfather go out of his way to mention that The Master's HR call for Clint Frazier had been used for him (Todd) before- while he was in, where was that...Cleveland? And by some other announcer? As Paulie (Walnuts) used to say , "all due respect" but TODD FRAZIER HAS NOT EARNED THE RIGHT TO SLIGHT THE MASTER's HR call for Clint. I thought that was really small of him. If I heard right.

KD said...

We should all buy the same shirt from duque and invent a complicated and stylalized greeting. Can you imagine? Otherwise strangers carrying on like two male lizards jostling for dominance in the middle of the Stadium food court. I'm thinking something heavy with head bobs.

Anonymous said...

Some other possible home run calls for Todd Frazier.

The Toms River Kid makes a big splash.

Clyde can't be denied! (Sorry wrong Frazier)

That Call Went Over The Wall! (Also wrong Frazier)

Frazier "Petula Clarked" the crap out of that one!

Doug K.

Moeteef said...

Clapton is Todd!

Anonymous said...

Kneel before Todd!

Nickname Damur said...

Free at last, free at last, thank Todd almighty that ball is free at last!