Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Yankees Drop Baton In Race For Two-In-A-Row

Somewhere between yesterday and today, we lost a race.

Our winning ways ( the record says one win, but it seemed a lot more than that ), came to a screeching halt as CC Sabathia bobbled his comeback.

The offense, on this memorable day,  continued in its normal pattern of ineffective play.

Wade and Frazier are battling to see who gets the first ticket back to Scranton for, " more seasoning."
Neither is hitting .150.  Neither is bringing energy and enthusiasm to this rest care home for seniors.

Only Aaron Judge persists.   And, I repeat, ONE PLAYER CANNOT DO IT ALL.

The loss of Bird, Hicks, Holliday and other " future prospects," is proving too much to overcome.  Didi and Ellsbury are just not clean-up hitters.

We are no longer playing the Astros, by the way.  Toronto is pretty mediocre, except when we play them.

So the race for the one game play-in spot is starting to get longer and harder.

We look competitive and then, " we drop the stick."

And the race is lost.

It will be a cause for celebration if we can win back to back games.


Rufus T. Firefly said...

This is getting ugly.

And by ugly, I mean more female flesh please.

JJ in MA said...

These games have become background noise to household chores. You leave them on because, well, they're on, and John and Suzyn are wonderful, but it's the most predictable, boring kind of baseball. When your rookie of the year/MVP candidate right fielder nails his MLB-leading homerun into almost straight-away center and the entire stadium yawns and the broadcasters have to force any enthusiasm whatsoever, something has gone very wrong.

Red Sox pulling away with the division, and we're this close to falling behind Tampa as well. Market correction? Tough skid? Whatever it is, it sucks to pay any active attention to it.

Calling it now: Pineda craps the bed this afternoon. Would love to be wrong, but even then, bats needed. Clint Frazier whiffing with that "legendary bat speed" isn't cutting it thus far, despite the good first impression.