Thursday, July 27, 2017

If he went into Cooperstown, he'd wear a Royals hat

But when they go into jail, they're always ex-Yankees, right?

Guy made $33 million and couldn't do child support? Worse, he only hit .252 for us. What a bum.


Leinstery said...

Well it's because that's from a New York paper, no one in New York cares about an ex-Royal.

There he's an ex-Royal

Alphonso said...

And he was on a Seinfeld episode.

But with all his advantages, he remains a dip-shit.

Well deserving of some hard time.

Leinstery said...

Tyler Wade is rapidly approaching Refsnyder status

John M said...

I don't know, Leinstery. Refsnyder did get SOME hits, and didn't always hit into double plays or strike out.

Wade is completely overmatched. He needs more seasoning, to say the least.