Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Today we celebrate what Thomas Paine helped bring to America;  Full Independence from a tyrannical and uncaring Great Britain.

To celebrate, we eat these:

Followed by a few of these:

And to keep hydrated, we drink JACK & COKE with a wedge of lemon.

Happy Independence Day


Urban Farmer formerly known as DutchFan said...

Happy independence day to all you US Yankee fans.
On a day like this I can't help thinking "what if we hadn't traded away Manhattan to the Brits and ya'll would be speaking Dutch now with a South African accent. Because then, and only then, the Yankees would still be the" Jan Kezen".

In the old world we are now desperately trying to remember how you set us free from the Germans. Living the past if you will, to forget how much our tender and soft hands resemble those of the current POTUS.

Happy barbecue and solid drinking!
Let's extend the streak to 2

Alphonso said...

That wish ( winning two in a row ) is asking a bit much, Dutch.

Thanks for the good wishes.

The USA, like the Yankees, is going through a rough patch.

It is comforting to recall that we once did something worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

(post-game): ...more like jack OFF and Coke UP, Fonz.

Hi, Urban! Happy Fourth. Could you just explain to me one measly thing which has mystified me for many years?? How on earth did you Dutch manage to persuade all your religious fanatics to emigrate to the US??

Maybe one more thing: Is it too late to ask you to take them back?? LB (No J)

Anonymous said...