Sunday, July 2, 2017

Yankee Win Streak Finally Cut Down

It seemed " forever" since the Yankees had lost a game.

We roared into Houston and cut them apart.

It is un-American to say this, but there was almost a relief in " taking the pineapple" last night.

Winning and winning and winning gets tiresome, if not to us then certainly to the fans of other teams.

Joe Girardi seemed relieved to have Betances give the Astros, " something to feel good about."

It is a bit tough that Frazier's great debut ( although he looked a bit shaky catching a couple of those fly balls) got thrown onto the stack of dead trees.

But Joe will do the right thing;  he'll sit him down and send him back to Scranton.  Maybe put Headley out there for a while.

I suppose it is a given that today the Yankees get back on the win track.

How many in a row do you think we'll pile up this time?


Allen Brady said...

'Dellin Betances is not a closer': Yankees president Randy Levine rips pitcher after arbitration hearing.

And we laughed.

Anonymous said...

All pretty perceptive except the "win today" part, Duque - - Fonz wasn't too far off when he said we wouldn't win any more games (at least, it surely feels that way). LB (No J)