Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Medical Reports....

I assume you all saw the extensive interview with Greg Bird, following yesterday's romp on the diamond.

It is difficult to conceive that the doctors cannot figure out why Greg still has pain and discomfort in his ankle.  The " bone bruise" is deemed completely healed, and yet he still cannot play ball.  There is talk of " exploratory " surgery which sounds ominous.  I mean, they probe around until they stumble upon a fracture, or worse?

This is not normal, and only a high prospect Yankee rookie could have the bad luck to get a typical baseball injury, which turns into the bubonic plague.

Along with the weird circumstance of Glyber Torres arm injury ( not often an infielder has to have Tommy John surgery ), and the totally predictable arm surgery to our top pitching prospect
 ( Kaprelian ), the team now must face the likelihood of losing Greg Bird for the season.

I have reached the point where it would be a fine outcome if he can ever come back and play.

Moving right along;  the next mystery illness is this " viral infection" of Matt Holliday.  They no longer believe it was an allergic reaction to "something he ate " in Oakland.  Again, they have no idea.  Is it Ebola?  Is it some life threatening infection for which there is no known cure?

He was sitting on the bench yesterday, which is a positive sign I guess.  But what is the point of that? Shouldn't he be in a hospital, undergoing tests?  Having experts brought in from around the globe?  The worst part is that they don't know anything, still.  He is being treated with the formula of rest.  Not good enough, I fear.

Aaron Hicks won't be back until after the all star break.  Long after it, I suspect.  Those pectoral injuries are nightmarish.  If you swing the bat, check your swing, or slide wrong, you can re-damage it.  Derek had it once.

And let's not forget the symbolic injury of 2017, to the Fowles kid.  Again, will he have a career to follow?

We have to accept these horrors.  I know the Yankees are providing the best care that money (" I'm not Cheap, "Hal Steinbrenner ) can purchase.

But the solutions, the progress, and the impact of our horrible luck remain elusive and frustrating.

We can limp on to another win today, maybe.

But this train wreck of a season, once full of promise, is now in jeopardy.

When did baseball become the NFL?


KD said...

Holiday reminds me of the time Giambi was suffering from a mystery illness. I think the team finally blamed some "parasite". Never did hear which poor invertebrate was that phantom culprit.

JJ in MA said...

Matt Holiday Commerative Tapeworm Day coming soon to the Stadium.

"This intestinal parasite is brought to you by..."

ranger_lp said...

I am not a doctor, but might it be a Microfracture?


Anonymous said...

Rest worked for me, earlier this year - - thing is, it took SIX FRIGGING WEEKS to work!! LB (No J)