Sunday, July 2, 2017

Looking for that silver lining, sponsored by "He went to Jared"

Some positive takeaways from Sunday's 8-1 loss to the Houstons:

Yankees avoided a shutout. Last time the Bombers put up huevos de ganso across the board was last September.

Chris "K King" Carter managed a broken-bat single, and knocked in the Yanks' only run, prompting Sweeney Murti to opine on Twitter: "Well he can't do it all by himself, now can he?" Carter still has that thousand-yard, Forrest Gump stare, and he plods around the field like Lurch from the Addams Family. I'd say Herman Munster, but Big Herm could rake.

Clint Frazier showed off the strength of his arm, if not its accuracy. Once he gets comfy in the field, he could make a difference there, in addition to at the plate.

Judge and Sanchez each had two hits.

With the outcome not in doubt, this observer was free to move freely about our domicile. Gotta take a leak? No problem, hit the can. Want a snack? The kitchen's a few short steps away. Time for a nap? Snooze away, my friend. It's not like anything memorable is going to happen.

Another good thing is we're another day closer to no longer having to witness those gak-inducing Fourth of July-themed uniforms. God, they suck.

And the biggest plus of all:

By the time Joey Binders got to the bullpen, it was already Garbage Time. Getting blown out means not getting your heart ripped out by Dellin Betances. I think that's a quote from an old movie. If it's not, it should be.

And now, some other observations:

Looking ahead: Not sure what to make of the Jays. Toronto got absolutely toasted by the Red Socks over the weekend, including a 15-1 annihilation on Sunday. So they'll either come in and take it out on the Yanks, or they'll continue to stink like fish heads left out on the back porch for a month.

Here's a random side note from from some SABR dork on social media: "Teammates with most batted balls hit 110+ mph: 1. Judge/Sanchez 64"

I ask you: Who gives a flaming bag of crap about that Stat Cast trash when you're LOSING? Three weeks ago, the Yanks were three games up on the Sawx. Now they're three games behind. Put that in your Number Cruncher and smoke it, Nerd Boy.

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John M said...

Wow, the pitching really stinks. With the occasional exception.

Anonymous said...

What a f***King joke. Everything went right for the Yanks for the first few, but now the real Yankees have shown up. No pitching, no bullpen, Carter, CASSman, Joe Gypo, the Steinbrenners. Don't worry, once they're out of it, they will start winning...enough to get another mediocre pick. One would think that the Yankees and cASSman would have learned from their previous lousy picks...choosing a pitcher with a lousy wing. Unbelievable. The only good thing is the attendance going down. When it begins to hurt the Steinbrenners' pocket book, maybe they will start spending the Yankee fans' hard earned money. -m

Local Bargain Jerk said...

Nickname Damur:

I miss your scenic tours but I love your posts. So glad you're putting your thoughts and insights out there.

Nickname Damur said...

I'm just trying to capture the spirit of the thing. #DickieDunn

Urban Farmer formerly known as DutchFan said...

Frazier Does Have an Arm Indeed. The Exit Velocity Of That Ball He Threw To a Place Only We Know, must Have Been Comparable To That 1st Inning 2-iron Shot By Judge. And In Both Cases The Result Was Not Equal To The Intention.

Alphonso said...

Dear Damur Damur;

I only wish arm strength mattered.

My proffer:

" If you throw the ball into the seats harder than anyone else in the league, trying to keep a runner from advancing ( or even better, throwing him out ), do you really have a good arm?

Doesn't the basic defensive idea of the game still endure; Throw with a purpose and earn assists?

I fear that, in these desperate hours, something desperate is going on;

" Grasping at straws?"

I mean, scattered amongst the, " Sanchez and Judge each got two hits ," one could observe: No one got injured. No one caught scarlet fever. All positives.

Anonymous said...