Sunday, July 16, 2017

Boston gets the pineapple

For most of six hours yesterday/last night, I wanted no part of what the juju gods were doing. I could easily see their plan: They would give us the lead, so El Chapo could come in and blow it. I knew it. I was furious at myself for watching. It was so obvious. Oldest trick in the book. Still, I couldn't let go.

Time after time, we failed to move a runner. Torreyes couldn't bunt. Headley wouldn't bunt. Judge chased pitches. Frazier and Cooper looked ridiculously over-matched. We were going to lose. I knew it. You knew it. John and Suzyn knew it. Everybody sitting smugly in the Fenway stands, they were just waiting for the kill shot. The fates were toying with us, waiting for that perfect drop-kick to our groin. Friday night's hideous debacle wasn't enough. They would drag this one out for seven hours, then poke us with the dagger. 

Our pitchers kept putting lead-off runners on base. Chasen Shreve left with two on, no out. El Chapo walked his first man. Did anybody in the world think Chapman would NOT fail? Jonathan Holder. Ben Heller. It was only a matter of time. We would lose. Of course, we would lose. It was just so damn obvious...

Listen: I don't see the 2017 Yankees as a "team of destiny." One game cannot heal a month-long collapse. If we're lucky, this team may someday be viewed as a forerunner to a championship lineup - the year that Judge, Sanchez, Frazier and the rest arrived. But damn... today, I doff my cap to the Yankees - to Ellsbury, to Headley, to all those who so regularly draw our flaming ire. 

Last night, they didn't just beat Boston. They beat the Fates. 


Anonymous said...

A short poem:

Holder Held 'er,
Heller Won 'er.
What a Wonder!

Hey, best I can do my obverse side is still bleeding from Friday night's pineapple nightmare, and now, on top of that (bottom, actually), I'm soooore from six hours of sitting - - not to mention, my voice is hoarse, my throat sore, from six hours of cussing Joey say, what?? TWO more games today?? If the players are even half as tired as I am from battling the Beantown Bums, those two oughta' be classics. LB (No J)

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

I know optimism is NOT warranted, but . . . here is the thin: if the NYYs sweep today, they are EVEN with the team whose fans are 100% comprised of evil bean-eating, father-raping dog-kicking, child-abusing people -- in the loss column.

Won't happen, of course. But:

a. kinda incredible to think the team has played this badly and still COULD be that close at the end of today.

b. the Boston bullpen apparently was also used for 16 innings last night. Whatever problems JoeyBinders has in finding pitchers today, the other guys have 'em, too.

c. Judge and Gary Cooper are Due!

JJ in MA said...

The phrase "Aaron Judge hitless since the All-Star break" deeply disturbs me. I know that's only two games, but still. We can lose both of these games today and if he lines a single in each one I'll call the day a win.

Urban Farmer formerly known as DutchFan said...
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Urban Farmer formerly known as DutchFan said...

This game even got some attention in Dutch news. Of course mostly because it was Mariekson's hit that got things going in the 16th but still, a Yankees epic win over the Socks does not go unnoticed put here.

This was one of the best nights. There is some comparison to the Cubbies 18 inning win, but this one feels so much better.

Really wondering what tonight will bring.
At least it fills you up with hope.