Friday, July 7, 2017

Sanchez should take the extra days off

I draw your attention to this story in the New York Post today. It suggests the injury to Gary's right abductor muscle may be behind his passed ball issues.

From the Post:

"The injury also could be a reason three of the seven passed balls Sanchez has allowed this season have occurred since he left that game June 15 and sat out the next one. He has committed four of his nine errors since then."

So please, send him to the All-Star Game, send him to the Home Run Derby. Why don't they enter him in an Old-Timey Charleston contest, too?

Bottom line, the Yanks need Sanchez healthy, and rest is what's going to help. Nothing else.


KD said...

Meanwhile, anonymous Yankees front office loser attacks Bird for his injury.

This is supposed to help? WTF is up with these guys?

Alphonso said...

Totally agree. The Yankee organization seems far more interested in fanfare and publicity, than in doing the right thing to help players be/get healthy and win ballgames.

Tha all star game is simply another venue for your best player(s) to get injured.

And no one cares about the stupid game.

joe de pastry said...

Totally agree with Alphonso.
I thought the All-Star game was cool when I was ten years old, but I'm not ten anymore.
And the Home Run Derby is even stupider.
I can wait for it to be over so I can stop hearing those annoying promos.

Local Bargain Jerk said...
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Nickname Damur said...

Amen, Joe.

Anonymous said...


Tom 'TK' O'Brien said...

Can we give Clippard permanent days off?

Does he have at least 3 other Grandparents that could potentially pass away, which would bless us with his absence from our team?

I mean it has gotten THAT bad! 😬

On June 14th I suggested we "trade him for a bag of peanuts TOMORROW" and tonight I am secretly hoping tragedy strikes his family again so he is forced to take leave from the Yanks!

What in the fuck is Garardi thinking letting this bum lose game after game after game for us?

How is he still even in the majors at this point? He is absolute garbage and a complete liability with absolutely NO upside!

Send him packing or pray for tragedy, but putting him in the game under ANY circumstances shouldn't even be an option at this point!

KD said...

i done been brought low by this team. Only watching for Judge now.

John M said...

Th and Dellin need time in Scranton or Tampa to see if they can fix themselves. Not in games we should win.

Girardi is an idiot. With a big heart, that may be part of the problem.

John M said...

Ty and Dellin.