Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Are the Yankees Greece? And should we take to the streets?

Once upon a time, Yankee authority hinged upon one universal rule of security:

If you see something, sign someone.

Under the old regime, we survived ups and downs. But we spent whatever it took, and we won four of out five, plus another in 2009... in time to bid the Boss farewell.

Now, the Steinbrother heirs -- Hal Jung il and Hank Sung il - have instituted new, draconian fiscal policies. Rather than spending money on security, they want to cut the Yankee budget, send pitchers to places like Pittsburgh and Cleveland for nothing in exchange, and they expect the fans to sit back and take it.

Unless we hit the streets with anti-Yankee regime protests - unless we refuse to accept the new austerity policies - we will end up with Chris Dickerson as our lefty DH.

Soon, the Cuban outfield prospect, Jorge Soler, will sign with some MLB team. According to reports, the Yankees are "serious" about him. Well, dammit, they should be. We have few high-ceiling outfielders in the farm system. Soler is a perfect fit. Trouble is, nobody should believe this skinflint Yankee administration is serious about spending its money. It is putting banks ahead of people.

Our Yankee standard of living is about to collapse under the weight of excessive luxury taxes, pushed down our throats by the world baseball cartel, led by $25 million per year Bud Selig. This talk about signing Jorge Soler looks like pure propaganda, an attempt to keep down our growing resistance. They don't want us to be fans. They want us to be sheep.

Well, dammit, it is time to take to the streets.

Occupy MLB. Occupy the Yankees. 

PS. If the Yankees DO sign Soler, I am willing to suspend this Call to Action. But I'm sick of this fiscal austerity crap. We are the Yankees, not Kansas City. It's time to spend our money.


Flavius said...

Bennyboy and I agreed that we want to write a Shakespearian-style play where Duque assassinates Wallace Matthews.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, The Wallflower was almost en route back to the Bronx, but AJ saved us by vetoing a trade!

"The Yankees tried to convince the Angels that Burnett could be their fifth starter, according to Wallace Matthews of The Yankees would have obtained Bobby Abreu in the proposed trade, but Burnett rejected the deal because he'd prefer to play on the East Coast."

AJ is the man!!!

el duque said...

Thank God we didn't get abreu. That's all I can say.

el duque said...

Go ahead and write the play. I'll produce it.