Thursday, October 31, 2013

It doesn't get darker than this

The Redsock Nation today is hungover, hoarse and still probably drunk, because last year, their team recognized the need to rebuild. They bit the bullet and changed their ways. Now, from top to bottom, they far outclass the New York Yankees.

Folks, this isn't a momentary glitch. This is the new order.

They have a 2B known for his clutch play, a dirty uniform, leadership and relentless hustle. Last summer, they signed him to a long-term contract for $110 million. We are about to spend considerably more - the asking price is $300 million - on a 2B who jogs out grounders, despite requests by his manager to make it at least look like he's hustling.

They have a minor league system brimming with talent, including a SS and CF who look like future stars. We have nobody in the immediate pipeline, nothing. Vowing drastic changes, our owners recently fired the strength coach. Thus far, all the suits are keeping their jobs.

They have players known for clubhouse chemistry and baseball smarts. We brought back Alfonso Soriano, known for standing at home plate and watching balls all the way to the wall, even if it means getting thrown out at second. We lost perhaps the most critical game this season against Boston, when he was thrown out trying to steal third with two outs. The Cubs were happy to see him go. And we gave up one of our few pitching prospects to get him.

They have budget flexibility and a lineup in its prime. The left side of our infield right now is comprised of A-Rod and Jeter, who together played about 60 games last year. After he's done firebombing MLB, A-Rod will turn his legal team on the Yankees, suing them on medical issues. Jeter couldn't play SS last season, and though he's now pushing 40, there is no talk of trying another position.

They are poised to re-sign a few free agents and make qualifying offers to others,  ensuring multiple first-round draft picks. We are said to be considering a splurge of signings - 39-year-old Carlos Beltran tops the list- which would cost us our first pick, leaving us likely to draft behind Boston.

They play in one of the last great cathedrals of baseball. We had one. We tore it down. We promote a fantasy world where players like Jason Giambi are "returning to the House that Ruth Built," when in fact they've never before set foot in the park. It's four years old. "Yankee Stadium" has seen all the history of a Dunkin' Donuts.  

Top to bottom, we are a mediocre organization. In the American League alone, Boston, Tampa, Detroit, Oakland, Texas and maybe even Kansas City, Baltimore and Seattle show superior front offices. But today, it is the Yankee fan base - people like you and me - who wake up in pain. The owners can't lose. They have the NY market and the Yankee brand name, which continually grows in value. They're now worth more money than their father ever dreamed of having. For the Yankee ownership and brass, 2013 was a great year. Pop the corks, boys! Everybody won... unless you are the strength coach.


JM said...

OK, so I guess the Cards are really the Schmucks, after all.

Wait...if they're the Schmucks, then who are we? We're worse than the Schmucks. And our front office is too venal to be the Schlemiels.

It's going to be a long winter.

KD said...

any young Frankensteins out there? How can we get Predroia's spirit and hustle into Cano?

KD said...

There was one game where they showed the Poopster giving an emphatic pep talk to the team in the dugout. All the other bosocks listened intently. Maybe the moment was contrived for the camera but it looked genuine to me.

Can any of us imagine Robbie taking on a like roll for the Yanks?

Sometimes I don't think we have an actual team. Are we just a bunch of players wearing the same uniform?

Alphonso said...

Dear Sir;

Your unbridled optimism is difficult for me to swallow.

Using a term like, " no emerging talent in the immediate pipeline," sugar coats the reality, and will create false hope in so many desperate readers.

The harsh truth is; the Yankees have no talent at all. For example, no one in the Yankee pipeline is better than Almonte, a.238 singles hitter with no dominating skills.

Go down to the worst level of A ball, and there is still not a name ever mentioned as a potential star. Jesus Montero was billed as a star, but sucks. That is what we do have in our minor league system but, even that level of phony player is, " not in the immediate pipeline.

The truth is; the Yankee's only strategy, and realistic option, for fielding a competitive team in the next 5 years is to, " buy more old dogs and hope a few of them can bite."

And by competitive I mean; we lose in the one game play-in for a playoff spot.

This Yankee organization ( ownership; general manager; manager; coaches ) do not have the skill sets to re-build. They can't identify talent or develop it.

They can, therefore, only buy it. We are doomed until the team sinks so far, the Steinbrenners sell it, probably to Boston

Anonymous said...

Here's what the Yankee management needs to do to win more games.

First, bring the fence in down the line in right another fifteen feet. Yes I know it is already a short porch. But left. handed hitters pulling the ball down the line in right is a unique Yankee specialty and has been a major reason for Yankee success since the days of Baba Ruth.

Yankee hitters are older. and weaker and they need a little help. But won't this help visiting teams? Not as much as it helps the Yankees, because visitors don't specialize as much in what the Yankees do.

At the same time, move the fence in dead center out twenty feet. Some of this could be done by changing the position of home plate instead of tearing down walls. Weak Yankee hitters can't reach the seats in dead center, so make sure stronger visitors can't reach it either.

And finally, add some subtle bumps to the infield. Instead of Yankees hitting into double plays, you'll see balls taking bad hops and visitors unable to make the play. Won't this help visitirs? Not as much, because Yankees will know where the bumps are and will have lots of practice on the field, unlike visitors.

KD said...

Anonymous, There's not as much room behind the plate as there was at YSII. To make center field deeper, they'd have to do away with Monument Park and move the monuments back onto the field. Wouldn't THAT be a Hoot!!!