Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Get well, Brett

Last night in the seventh, the long-awaited implosion of Brian Matusz appears at hand. He walks Thurman Martin on four pitches, not one close. Up comes Nuni, who in the top of the inning did a Three Stooges routine on a catchable ball, allowing Baltimore to take a 6-1 lead.

First two pitches miss by two feet. The pitching coach comes out. It's obvious that Baltimore is stalling.

So what does Nuni do? Does he take pitches until Matusz throws a strike? Seeing as how we need baserunners more than home runs, does he bear down and try to grind-out a base on balls? No, of course not. He swings away. On the next pitch. And he pops it up. Baltimore comes out to fetch Matusz, and our chance at a big inning is done.

Actually, the inning ends with the bases loaded and Arod doing basically the same thing: On the first pitch after Granderson was hit by one - a sign of wildness - Arod swings. Pops it up.

When you own a team - as we have the Orioles in recent years - and you beat yourself against them at home, sometimes the light comes on in their heads, and you never again regain that mental advantage.

Tonight, we may lose a series at home against Baltimore. We look old, slow and stupid.


Alphonso said...

Our hitters do that ll the f****** time.

They also first pitch swing just after our starter has labored through a 30 pitch inning and needs a long inning of rest.

Joe De Pastry said...

We look old, slow, and cheap.
Would Yu like to see someone repace Phil Hughesedtobegood in the rotation?

Wilbur Post said...

Speaking of old, slow and cheap, is that a pic of Mustang?

MUSTANG said...

“I’m a new song and you’re just a remix.”

The W. is for WORLD
The PEACE is for ALL

Virgo Hargut said...

a bunch of nonsense from a horse with a dumb name
he thinks he's real good, but he's really so lame