The mooning of Papi? Dare to BELIEVE

The mooning of Papi? Dare to BELIEVE

Saturday, May 5, 2012

How Ugly Will This Get?

Errors on the basepaths.

Lack of hitting with RISP.

No length from the starter.

A line-up with several AAA guys who are not young, and not good.

No shut down by the relievers.

KC 0-10 at home before the Yankees showed up.

If Kuroda is an 8-12 pitcher, then what?

                                                                                    Phil Hughes is next.

                                                                                    Cashman needs to take one for the team here.


Samy Dangerfield said...

At least today I found this Buck Showalter Gif:

Joe De Pastry said...

Is that really Alphonso's back yard?