Friday, May 4, 2012

Let's Distract Ourselves For The rest Of This Year....

There is no longer a reason to watch, listen or read about Yankee games this year.

I propose, therefore, a season-long program of pure distraction.

The first distraction can be;  let's rid ourselves of all the cliches the Yankee organization, players and coaches will be spewing in the next several days.

The First Scene:  Yankee locker room after yesterday's dual disaster.

Out of the mouths of everyone, separately and individually:

1.  This is really bad, but we are all going to have to "step up."

2.  We always knew that, one day, we would no longer have MO to count on.

3.  It's baseball.  Shit happens.  The real test is how do we respond to adversity?

4.  We are going to learn a lot about ourselves and this team.

5.  We still have the same goals for the year.

6.  The Yankees have overcome adversity before and we shall do so again.

7.  He was the greatest closer ever.  What a shame his career had to end this way.

8.  MO would want us to carry on without him and win without him.

9.  He'll be back next year.

OK.  Get the idea?  Perhaps if everyone who enjoys this blog could begin predicting these endless, meaningless cliches, it would distract us from the agony of reality.

Trite, canned crap. We need more of that right now.


joe de said...

It's all over now, midnight blue.
See you in 2013.

judas said...

nix jayson nix. it's his fault.