Thursday, May 3, 2012

Now It Claims Mo:

Is misapplied Juju killing the 2012 Yankees? 
Has Alphonso lost his fastball?
Was Seely's book an error?
Mariano horror


Anonymous said...

Appears to be a twisted knee but doesn't make it any better.

Alphonso said...

Maybe it is old age.


This season is cursed.

el duque said...

I broke the first rule of juju and now Mo has paid the price.

We need a celebrity death.

MUSTANG said...

Duque, how's Zsa Zsa doing?

bobby v said...

It was the negative juju from "One Year Ago Today"

MUSTANG said...

Which will return in September.

The Ghost of Scott Brosius said...

Celebrity death? Junior Seau just committed suicide and this happens. I don't think we need any more celebrity deaths.

joe de said...

looking forward to return of one year ago. will be nice to be remember the good old days, now gone forever.