Thursday, May 3, 2012

What The Early Season Negative Ju-Ju Is

I see that a poll has begun on the subject of early negativity.

Those who feel it emboldens our enemies are right, but it doesn't matter.  Our enemies need no motivation to hate us.  So the less popular answer ( so far ) is the voice of those who have positive experience with negative Ju-Ju.

The scientific truth ( evangelicals can stop reading here and make something up ) is that , " early negative Ju-Ju, done properly, is the seed corn of later growth, success and succulent summer parties."

The operative phrase is, "done properly."

For some reason a lot of negative Ju-Ju this year has proven to be nothing more than the painful truth. Instead of public humiliation for outlandish predictions proven false each day, far too many predictions have proven prescient. That is not only boring, it is harmful to the Yankees' chances.

 We have been experiencing, " the Freddie Garcia," of negative Ju-Ju.  In other words, the sinker no longer sinks, the fast ball has no movement and tops out at 85 mph, the curve no longer breaks and the change-up is a meatball.

 Let me give you a few examples:

1.  Claiming at the time of the trade that Pineda in fact had arm trouble, would have surgery, and would never pitch for the Yankees was supposed to assure a great season for him.

2.  Claiming on the opening day of spring training that Tex would never bunt , was meant to assure us that he was working on bunting and would use his new-found skills to foil the infield shifts against him.

3.  Claiming that Hughes ( before his first appearance in spring training ) was, at best, a mop-up guy for 6th inning work, was meant to help him win 18 games again.

4.  Claiming that A- Rod's remaining 6 years would be a total waste of money was meant to re-invigorate his offensive output and power.

5.  Claiming that Nunez was sure to make an error every game in which he played was meant to bring some glue back to that glove, and straighten out his throws.

We have had some isolated, in-game successes ( the Boston series, for example ) for negative Ju-Ju activities in 2012, but April has been pretty much a washout.

We'll see what happens with Dave Phelps tonight.  I say he goes 2+ innings and gets whacked.  He'll be sent back to Scranton on a bus in the morning.


el duque said...

Excellent explanation of Reverse Negative Juju.

Frankly, though, we may need some celebrity deaths to recharge this team.

Not wanting anybody to die.

Just saying.

Joe De Pastry said...

Do not despair. Tampa's got B.J., but we've got The Great Kate:

MUSTANG said...

Well said, Fonz. Except, "emboldening" our enemies has nothing to do with making them hate us; it means we're giving them confidence they might otherwise lack. Can you speak to this point?

Alphonso said...

I disagree, Mustang.

They ( our ennemies ) always have the ( false ) confidence of the optimistic.

These are the people who are fans, for example of the NFL KC Chiefs and who, at the beginning of each new season, say, " well, everyone is 0-0 and we have an equal chance to win the Superbowl."

Unrealistic, stupid and a bit pathetic.

This is the confidence you pose as a negative outgrowth of hate.

Confidence and hate are clearly different. Good observation.

Hate is all that matters. You should know that by now.

Samy Dangerfield said...

The Giants won. There is nothing we can do.

Cano will soon be batting .222.

Tex is the new Balboni.