Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Brian Cashman's Top 10 Yankees options for first base

1. Derrick Lee
2. Chipper Jones
3. Tino Martinez
4. Jorge Posada
5. Kevin Maas
6. Chris Chambliss
7. Don Mattingly (if we can trade a few prospects to the Dodgers to get him, of course)
8. John Olerud
9. Richie Sexson
10. Cecil Fielder


el duque said...

Is Jake Gibbs still alive?

manx said...

What do you think John's call will be for Youk?

Kevin sends one into heaven. Oh Youk, you make the other team puke.

Tex Message said...

@Manx- I heard a rumor that it is "Youktacular". I am unable to confirm the veracity of these reports at this time.

el duque said...

I'm gonna put up a poll as soon as this one ends.

BernBabyBern said...

I'm partial to "Fuck him. He's still an ass"

Mustang said...

John's Youk HR call: "He's running... he's limping... HE'S HURT!"

joe de pastry said...

Hal suggested giving Moose Skowron a call, but Brian told him the Moose died last year. Hal was really upset to hear this sad news because he figured Moose could not turn down a one-year deal for the major league minimum, seeing as how that was more than he made in his carrer up to now.