Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"VERNIE GOES BOOM! VERN, BABY, VERN?" It's time to ponder John Sterling's HR call for Vernon Wells

Oh, Vernon! You're learnin'!

All's Wells that end Wells!

It's Wells-a-poppin' time!

Ding Dong! It's another miracle of the Wells!

That ball has an ice cream chance in Wells!
Something smells! But not Vernon Wells!

It's a new Constitution... straight from Mount Vernon!

RAOW! Feel the claws of the kitty, Wells!

It's a message from Wells: How Far Go? 

Another pitcher has been accepted at Wells College*

*Wells College is located in Aurora, NY. Not far from Syracuse.


John M said...

That's a hunk-a, hunk-a Vernon love!

Oh, did Vernon turn on that one!

It's a Jetta from VW! (sponsorship op)

Ya gotta dig Wells!

Vernon put some learnin' on one!

Wells sends one to Mount Vernon!

Well, well, well, Mr. Wells!

el duque said...

Hunk-a Hunk-a Vernon love!

Nobody's going to beat that.

Elvis Presley said...

yEAHUUUH, Duque.

Roger B said...

Got to agree on Hunka hunka.

Although I did go on a Road Trip to Wells College once.

Mustang said...


John M said...

Elvis is king. And also kind of a fat, insane guy who watched young girls wrestle in their panties and took way too many prescription drugs. But kings can do that.