Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dreaming of Chien-Ming Wang back in pinstripes? Why would we think the alligator-armed Evil Empire ™ will make a bid?

Former Yank hero (and ex-whipping horse) Chien-Ming Wang pitched well this weekend in the Selig Baseball Classic, stopping the mighty Bushmen of Australia.  He shut out the dreaded Aussie lineup (No lie: Beresford, Denning, Hughes, Welch, Huber, Walker, Harman, Snelling and Kennelly) over six innings, prompting bleacher report blogologists to suggest the cobra-like Yankees are watching, plotting, pulling out their checkbook and preparing to strike.

Like the way they did for Jose Soler, or Arodys Chapman, Humanis Centepedes and every other big name international player on the market over the last five years. Oh, yeah, those Yankees are always watching, plotting, pulling out their checkbook - before they head to the hotel lobby to check out the action.

Quick question: To what Yankee organization is the speculation machinery referring? The Yankees of 2003? Because, yeah, that team would be in on the auction – if not already have Wang on the payroll out of loyalty, because old George loved players who performed for him in the past. (OK, I realize that, technically, the 2003 Yankee team could not have had Wang play for it already, because he was a rookie, but don’t go Bruce Willis on me here; we’re using this as a example of Yankee philosophy, not time travel.)

The Yankees of 2013 have been out-bidded on every player to hit their radar – no, not “out-bidded;” they never made a bid. And if folks think the Cashman daredevil act would honor Chien-Ming with a sweet, thanks-for-the-memories contract, they should review recent involvements with Johnny Damon, Melky Cabrera, et al – ex-Yanks whose overtures to New York might as well have been delivered in person by Louise Meanwell.

Listen: If Wang keeps pitching like the Wang of old, he’ll get snapped up by teams who have already spent so much money on 2013 that they’re not going to let him pass.  The Yankees, on the other hand, have been standing next to a Florida sinkhole, and they can’t decide whether to run or stand still. A couple more injuries to key players, and they might as well jump in.

As Yankee fans, let’s wish Chien-Ming good luck in the WBC - and wherever he goes. He’s still the last decent, farm-developed starting pitcher to star for us. But 2003 like a hundred years ago, not 10.

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