Friday, March 1, 2013

Opening soon in New York City: It's "The 1965 Yankees: The Musical!"

In previews now, opening April 1, it's "The 1965 Yankees: The Musical!"


Derek Jeter as Mickey Mantle
The future Hall of Famer and Yankees legend who finds himself struggling through injuries and age to try and lead the team the way he once could!

Andy Pettitte as Whitey Ford
The aging legend on the mound who battles valiantly to fight off Father Time!
Alex Rodriguez as Tony Kubek
The once-dependable infielder who finds that his broken-down body just can't do it anymore! 

Robinson Cano as Tom Tresh
The young star who watches helplessly as the team breaks down around him! 

Curtis Granderson as Roger Maris
The power hitter who finds himself injured on the bench, unable to help his team avoid its fall out of contention!

Hal Steinbrenner as The CBS Executive
The businessman who assures fans that there is nothing to worry about because the management is committed to keeping the proud franchise a powerhouse for years to come!

With a special appearance by Kevin Youkilis as Satan!

Note: The part of Mel Stottlemyre (the young pitching star who gives fans hope for the future) has yet to be cast ... and probably will be left out of the production.


Bye Bye Balboni said...

How about: Eduardo Nuñez as Roger Repoz - the would-be face of the future who instead reveals just how threadbare the Yankees' farm system really is?

And Mark Teixiera plus a few months of salon-monitored haircuts would make a good Joe Pepitone - the All Star who never quite lived up to his potential! Although Joe Pep was far more colorful than Mark Tex.

Anonymous said...

Who plays mike Kekich ???

el duque said...

John Sterling as Mel Allen.

BernBabyBern said...


Mel Allen was gone after the 1964 season.

el duque said...

What is this, are we filming "Lincoln?"

Literary flexibility, Bern.

And on that note, the 1965 Yankees win the World Series!

Anonymous said...

The universe is back to order! Man United 4-0 over Norwich. If you are a true Yankee fan you think old AA affiliate with Norwich! If you are a glutton you are thinking sandwich!

Anonymous said...

If Casanova Cashman ends up on Executive DL for Wounded Warrior jump, then the players should get a reprieve on facial hair until July 4 th. bud Selig will approve Melky Fisselius as hair guru czar. Melky will push for the return of Afros like Oscar Gamble had and
Nerdy hair like Joe Pepitone and Ron Guidry. AKA. Hair styles worn on all shows shot in bayou settings on HBO, FX or Similar Valley raunch dramas with Herman Beeftink
Soundtracks to go with the fake racks! Lol!