Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fans vote Vernon Wells signing as worst 2013 omen, even above Youkilis and lack of youth

The people have spoken, and the trade for Vernon Wells is now considered the top Yankee bad omen for 2013. (NOTE: The poll was taken before the signing of Lyle Overbay.)

You chose Vernon Wells over "No Youth" by a tight margin, with "Youkilis," "Jeter limping," "Robbie sitting on generous offer," and "tomorrow's injury" coming close.

Sadly, hardly anyone considered Arod staying in Miami a bad omen.

The fact is, the release of David Adams, the trading of Kramer Sneed, the impending injury to whomever and - of course - the arrival of Mr. Overbay will be the newest omens to consider. And there is still time for another Yankee omen acquisition: "Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name!" The true WORST OMEN will likely occur on Opening Day Eve, when the Yankee lineup is announced... by the late Bob Sheppard. (Ooh! Ooh! Jumpin' Jehovazat! I got an idea, Muldoon! Since the Yankees haven't added young players, there must be tapes of Sheppard announcing all the current Yankee lineup. How about going into the archives and using Sheppard's voice for the entire team, instead of just Derek Jeter! If we're playing to the theme of "NEW FIX FOR 2006!" this is a marketing no-brainer!)


Sgt Ernest E. Bilko, United States Army (ret.) said...

We're way ahead of you fans. I have been a clandestine paid consultant to the SteinBrothers since late last season. After you experience Monte Carlo Night @ The Stadium, you won't care whether the team wins or not, whether you see Joba Chamberlain or a troop of unruly chimps in pinstripes. The ballpark is now a front for legalized gambling and overpriced drinks (witness the $14 beer). See ya in centerfield, suckers!

Erik Russell said...

Ohh please really.os the entire 2013 going tobeaYanleesHater club year. All you haters can keep hating. Mark my words the pinstripes will prove you wrong!! Vernon Wells will be the next David Justice and all of NY lovedDavid Justice!!