Sunday, March 17, 2013

Help, Yankiverse, help! What's John's homer call for Brennan Boesch?

It's off Boesch, by gosh!

A summer squash... from Boesch!

Brennan, you're no lemon!

All along the Boeschtower, said the joker to the bee, there's too confusion, I can't get no relief!



Unsustainable BABIP said...

A masterpiece from Homerunious Boesch!

John Sterling said...

Unsustainable, that one wins!

manx said...

Boesh sends them a wash.

Kaiser Wilhelm said...

A 21 cm Mörser 16 from the Boesch

John M said...

I've been out of the country. Who's Brennan Boesch?

John M said...

I can't figure out how to pronounce his last name. Bow-sch? Bay-sch? Ber-sch?

Guess I know too much German. Boe means it was actually spelled with an umlaut over the o. When a keyboard doesn't have an umlaut, you can type oe to denote that's how it should be pronounced.

How that gets Anglicized seems like a crapshoot in the pronouncing department. Is there a site where I can click on player names and here them spoken out loud?

What's with 'Brennan', anyway? Was he named after the character on Bones? Does he even look like a Deschanel? Maybe Sterling should say 'Dr. Brennan makes his bones'. More people would get that than a 50s musical reference.


Roger B said...

Brennan - Who's da Boesch! (Or "You'se Da Boesch!)
A Boesch Whacking! From Brennan!
It's a runaway Boesch!
No Bozos on this Boesch!
He really kissed that one--It's a Brennan Buss!

March 16, 2013 at 11:31 AM