Friday, March 1, 2013

Fear Not

Yesterday, with dick head not playing, I  watched the Yankees' future unfold.

Here is what I saw;

1.  OK.  We didn't score any runs.  And, I know, that's a bad thing.

2.  But two of our best prospects, given opportunities to move runners and get the Yankees back into the game, cloned one of our all time favorites; multi-millionnaire Mark Texiera.

Seriously, in two consecutive innings (8th and 9th ), I watched top prospect Heathcott bang into an inning ending double play followed by next top prospect Gomez ( catcher ) bang into a game ending double play.

I guess they all wanted to go watch Phil Hughes working out in the pool.

Hughes, by the way, may still be swimming by opening day.  And he is the youngest and healthiest starter we have.

Here is my take;  if you are going to be a superstar player, you come through when given the chance.  Derek would have hit a double, so would have Bernie Williams and likely even Cano ( as long as this fantasy occurred before last Fall).

The conclusion;  we don't have any budding superstars.  We have budding AA and AAA players.


Alphonso said...

Sanchez right?

el duque said...

Sanchez. And I don't mean Celerino.

Alphonso said...

But whether Sanchez or Gomez, he still hit into a dp with tying run on first.

el duque said...

he's a bum